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PCL Ceramics - 2023 so far...

PCL has enjoyed a successful first half of 2023, and as we enter into our Summer Shutdown period, we wanted to reflect on the year so far.

We launched our high-pressure casting solution for tableware which a recent customer stated would "change the face of the industry", and we also gained our first PCL Service Gold member who can enjoy all the benefits of our top-tier service package.

Our Summer Shutdown is 24th - 28th July.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of our customers and look forward to continued success in providing industry-leading solutions for the rest of 2023 and beyond.

Below are some products that PCL have launched so far this year.

Innovations into the industry

Eco-Flex Casting System

The EcoFlex has been designed as a platform for an economical and flexible high-pressure casting system for a range of tableware and technical ceramics applications.


Time to Market Cell

The T2M Cell is suitable for casting standard 3,4, and 5-part open-rim bowls and bidets, 3,4, and 5-part boxed rim or rimless bowls with a 2-part stick-on-rim process or any 2-part mould configuration.


'Stick on Rim' technology for bowls

The PCB can now produce a wide range of styles, including rimless bowls, stick-on-rim, back-to-wall, and other complex bowl designs. Introducing Stick-On-Rim technology is an answer to industry demand.


The Flow Master

The Flow Master tests on and off the casting machine by feeding air through moulds in a set sequence of pressures and times. It then records the flow rate of the air through the mould for the duration of the test.


Mould-Making Technology Transfer

PCL’s mould-making package is designed to be bespoke for each customer’s specific requirements. We also ensure that customers can seamlessly grow mould production once installed with minimal amendments to the original facility.


Industry 4.0 - Machine Monitoring

State-of-the-art machine monitoring dashboard, bringing your operation into Industry 4.0. PCL's dashboards allow multiple machines, on multiple sites to be compared, from any location, and collect a range of productivity and yield data.


We are excited to work with you in the second half of 2023

Speak to us about the solution you need

Are you looking to expand your business? Looking to enter into a new market or location? Are you looking at changing to high-pressure casting technology?

Our customer service and sales team will be on hand to discuss your requirements and explore solutions to help you achieve your goals.

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