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PCL Materials
For the manufacturing of pressure cast moulds, think PCL
Our porous resin material has a proven track record within the ceramics industry.

PCL Ceramics have been producing pressure casting mould materials for the production of casting resin moulds to industry-leading businesses since 1989, providing materials for sectors such as sanitaryware, tableware and advanced technical ceramic casting.

The micro porous resin materials excellent performance and long casting life offers an economical solution to in-house mould manufacture when compared with cheaper low-quality options. 

The high-quality resin that goes into our mould design also means that any wares produced have a finer, superior surface quality, and a lower chance of mould binding at the production stage.

PCL Material mixing

PCL sanitaryware moulds have a proprietary internal air distribution matrix incorporated the structure of the mould material. This avoids the use of backplates. The avoidance of backplates allows more moulds to be fitted onto one machine, providing a significant increase in productivity.


Reduced water consumption is an advantage of PCL porous resin materials. Larger pored competitors moulds require washing with warm water between cycles to remove contaminants. This is costly in terms of the productivity of the machine, water consumption and energy required to heat the water. The PCL fine pored sanitaryware materials do not require washing between cycles, so the operational costs are lower. This is also increasingly of benefit to the environment, particularly in parts of the world where water is scarce.


PCL materials are formulated so that the rate of viscosity increase is carefully controlled. For sanitaryware moulds the extended working time allows more than one mould part to be poured from one mix, a limitation with most competitors materials.

By developing and blending all pressure casting mould materials in-house at PCL, we are able to offer a product to suit any specific requirement you have. 

Our resin mould material can provide a range of strengths, finishes and pore sizes, ensuring that your finished product is exactly as required. We work with each of our individual customers to provide materials unique to their needs, giving them continuing on-site assistance with mould production and machine set-up.


For applications outside of the ceramics industry, we can produce net-shaped, mouldable, porous polymer structures, with a range of pore size and permeability. Monolithic microporous structures of this type are difficult to produce by other methods.  ​

PCL Mould washing

All material is shipped pre-mixed in terms of dry components and liquid components.

All you have to do is simply add water!

All of our materials are widely tested and known internationally. Our material gives a superior performance and has a long lifespan to help provide an economical and reliable solution to in-house mould manufacture.

Mould technology transfer is also available. Please contact us directly for more information.

Our innovative Mould Repair Kit

The last thing anyone wants is to slightly damage a mould and experience significant downtime in casting as a result.


To fix dents, scratches, holes, and even some cracks, PCL's specialist mould repair kit is designed to ensure that your moulds stand the test of time.


Provided in a two-part kit, simply pour the parts together, stir well, and then apply to the damaged area for a firm and reliable fix.


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