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Defence & Security

We have solutions specifically designed for producing ceramic military applications but can also work with you to create a more bespoke system based around your business and technical requirements.

  • Increased output due to a significant reduction of casting time

  • Higher yield performance through improved and more uniform output

  • Reduced waste and production time

  • Extended mould and tooling life

  • Dedicated and bespoke solution for your application

  • Opportunity to offset IP through transfer of technology

  • Highest level of confidentially through our SMMI™ process

  • Reduced footprint and a much higher output per square metre

  • Environmentally friendly with reduced energy requirement, less water usage and lower mould disposal costs

Our technology is revolutionary in the world of ceramic and advanced materials.

How PCL can help you

Option 1 – Pressure casting capabilities

We can use standard equipment with bespoke tooling designs and required specifications to provide you with the right solution for your operation. This includes:

  • Mould / tooling design and making technology

  • Production of the mould

  • Manufacturing of existing PCL equipment with specifications to suit your requirements

Option 2 – SMMI ™ process


We will use our end to end complete turnkey process for technology development, giving you a state of the art, bespoke solution that has been carefully manufactured around your business needs.

Using PCL's expertise, we will work alongside you with the design, development, and manufacture of your bespoke solution for your advanced ceramic components. This includes:

  • Slip lab testing

  • Mould / tooling prototyping

  • Machine prototyping

  • Industrialisation

PCL has proven experience working with customers to provide high-pressure casting solutions for bulletproof armour, helmets, and ceramic missile cones.


Regardless of your requirements, we can develop or customise machines for your specific need and will also upgrade existing systems into more complex ceramic appliances such as:

  • Multiple and modular casting units

  • Full automation

  • Software upgrades

  • Process optimisation

  • Conveyor and piece handling systems

  • System integration

  • Data collection and analysis

We will work with you to understand your unique operation so we can advise you on the most suitable and cost-effective system for your business and technical requirements.

We want to hear from you

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