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Don't just take our word for it!

Denby Pottery



We at Denby Pottery recognize the important part that PCL Ceramics have played over the last thirty years supplying us with micro-porous high pressure casting moulds and before that Ram press moulds.

With PCL Ceramics knowledge, experience and research in new materials and technology, Denby Pottery has been able to introduce and produce intricate shapes in our Tableware ranges which have put us in a very competitive position in the ceramic industry.

Denby Pottery recognizes the importance of having a good business relationship and PCL Ceramics have always on a daily basis been helpful in solving any practical solutions that may arise in production.

Finally, we would like to thank PCL Ceramics for their partnership with Denby pottery and their continuous improvements and focus on the needs of the customer.




Since the beginning of the relationship between Lorenzetti and the PCL team, we had a sample of what this work experience would be like: an efficient and open-minded supplier in negotiations and quick in decision making.


The good experience continued to be demonstrated by the competence of the PCL team in managing the initial stages of the project, with PCL offering frequent, concise and productive follow-up meetings.


After the purchase and delivery of the machines and moulds, the work of the commissioning engineers teams composed of trained and communicative professionals was carried out with unparalleled excellence.


The quality of the company's work team is reflected in its products: PCL's high-pressure casting machines and moulds offer advanced technological solutions combined with a robust and reliable implementation. The result of all this work is that the productivity and yield promised at the beginning of the project are being strictly fulfilled, bringing us satisfaction and financial return.




After more than 20 years of fantastic collaboration with PCL and high-pressure casting, I would more than like to praise PCL as a fantastic partner.

Ferrum s.a. de ceramica


Since 16 years ago we started our business relationship with the PCL this company not only has provided first-generation equipment for the manufacture of sanitary ceramics by high pressure systems, but has developed a steady stream of exchange of information and advice, helping Ferrum to solve manufacturing problems, including technological equipment rearrangements applied to machines that were not originally acquired from PCL.


With regard to the various machines and equipment provided by PCL, we have found that they are technologically advanced but of simple and friendly operation and management, and they do not present complications usually found in machines the other suppliers.


From the technical standpoint, PCL staff always heard, adapting their technology to our needs.


With respect to the business relationship that PCL has with Ferrum, it has always been excellent. Both the reception we received at various trade shows in Europe, as the gentle treatment they have given us during our visits to the UK enabling us contact other British companies and so incorporate new knowledge in the development and better ceramic raw materials.


In conclusion, we can say that having a provider like PCL is for us a possibility of continuous improvement and approach to new technologies that enable us to produce more and better health for our customers.

Siam Sanitaryware Industry Co.


I am very appreciate to explain why I and my company purchased machine from PCL. When we consider to buy machinery for improve our productivity, we investigated many machine supplier in Europe and China. We can see the outstanding technology of PCL. PCL have productive machines and solutions. This company can service us for complete process. PCL can supply both mold and machine casting, and also in good quality. We see the research area of PCL, we realize that is a strong point which. There are not much machine supplier have a complete system like PCL.


We are happy with the way to do of PCL. Because when we made contract with PCL, PCL sent expertise to investigate the existing process, collect data. And do the best thing for us. It shows PCL want to serve the best thing for us, not only sale and close the job.


We had a problem to relocate equipment, PCL come to help us. PCL gave good idea and comments. Then we can solved that problem.


PCL treat us like a partner, not ordinary customer.

Steelite International


PCL Ceramics has worked with Steelite International for over 15 years primarily providing High pressure resin moulds of excellent quality. 


Rapid service & accurate delivery dates of moulds are of paramount importance to Steelite; PLC will always accommodate without question & deliver on time.

During 2014 PLC were instrumental in assisting Steelite in developing their Pressure Cast Tooling capabilities.


Working in partnership with the Design & Engineering functions at Steelite & PCL Ceramics, prototype & production Pressure Cast Moulds were designed & manufactured at PLC. This work was carried out quickly & professionally at all times. 


PLCs work on this development has been invaluable.       




It is a great pleasure to provide a recommendation for our high pressure casting supplier and partner PCL Ceramics.


In May 2011, PCL Ceramics Ltd installed a fully automatic PC570 tank and cover machine into the Lobnya factory. From start to finish the project was a great success and continues to be so.


Their engineering and mould design teams worked closely with our experts in a detailed and professional manner. PCL’s onsite team worked with our engineers to ensure the machine was installed and commissioned on time and the training of our workers was extremely well delivered.


PCL machinery and mould technology is best quality, built to last and our equipment has functioned faultlessly, recently our moulds have just passed 72,000 casts.


PCL remain committed to us post machine sale and continue to visit our factory to work alongside us developing for the future, the most recent visit being in March 2017.


We look forward to a continued and long term relationship with our friends at PCL and can highly recommend this organisation to your business.

Ideal Standard



We are happy to say we have manage to establish a very good level of collaboration with PCL Ceramics.


Through the several years of close partnership between our Engineering team and PCL, we have always experienced professional advisory and support for the smooth process of introduction of any new designs and product styles.


By using their services and tools/moulds at our high pressure casting technology, we have managed to improve our plant quality, productivity and customer service.

Incesa-Mansfield-Corona de Mexico



We want to express our satisfaction with the development of the latest projects that we have

accomplished with your support in three of our Divisions in The USA Central America and Mexico.

Thanks to the excellent quality of your equipment, the outstanding spirit of collaboration of your team, their knowledge and professionalism and their disposition to help us overcome the challenges of product development and manufacturing of vitreous china, we have been able to improve our

operations and increase our overall competitiveness in several of our plants.


We are looking forward to continuing our collaboration of many years with your Company. Thanks a lot for your support.




We want to thank PCL Ceramics for their vast knowledge, experience, high ethics, partnership, and long term vision for high pressure casting here at Mansfield and around the ceramic world.  With their continual support and collaborative work, they have allowed Mansfield to move forward into the high pressure casting technologies which have never before been possible.   We sincerely appreciate the business relationship that we have formed with PCL Ceramics and look forward to continuing the journey we have taken together.


We believe PCL Ceramics is leading the industry and continually looking for ways to improve both the technology efficiency and operational simplicity allowing their applications to cover a broad perspective of products.  In addition they have been outstanding with helping Mansfield develop new products and ways to reduce and mitigate risks that are associated with high pressure casting today. 


PCL Ceramics has also been instrumental in helping Mansfield improve our cost competitiveness and also in problem solving methods.  We understand there are many choices in high pressure casting companies today however PCL has a very professional, highly skilled, and committed team that without exception has been there for us at any time of need.

Denby Potteries Limited



PCL Ceramics have played an important part in supplying the Company with micro porous ram press moulds and more recently high pressure casting moulds. A long established business relationship of more than 20 years.


With PCL Ceramics knowledge, experience and research in new materials and technology, Denby Pottery has been able to produce and introduce intricate shapes into our tablewear ranges. This places us in a very competitive position within the ceramics industry.


Denby Pottery recognises the importance of having a good working relationship and PCL Ceramics have always been readily available with fully trained, skilled personnel to assist in finding practical solutions to production problems.


We would take this opportunity to thank PCL Ceramics for their partnership with Denby Pottery and for their continuing focus on the needs of the Denby business.




We want to thank PCL Ceramics for their partnership, experience, ethics and friendship. We also want to recognize the vast experience in applying the high pressure casting process in ceramics world. Without the collaborative work, Corona-Colceramica would not have achieved ther goals in these new technlogies. It is a pleasure for us to recognize the aspects that have allowed our business relationship and its continuous consolidation.


For us PCL Ceramics protrudes from other companies by their ability in finding practical solutions and their focus in the needs of the industry and customers. They lead the high pressure technology in the world by the research in new technologies and materials. Also PCL has an enough knowledge and experience in high pressure that has been used to solve problems that have arisen in the product development process and our daily work.


Through PCL Ceramics, Corona has been able to improve our competitive position, in addition to solving the problems associated to new technologies.


Finally, we recognize the seriousness in doing business, as well as professional staff skilled and trained personnel, who have pledged to work with us throughout time.




We express our deep respect and gratitude for the cooperation with our company in the field of development of high technologies in our production. Your equipment has allowed us to improve the quality, productivity and competitiveness.


We hope to further cooperation with you.

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