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Our service packages

Protect your investment with PCL’s dedicated service package designed to ensure that your machine stays healthy and your team benefits from specialist support and guidance provided by our experts.

PCL service's dedicated service packages are guaranteed to supply you with all tools, training, knowledge to support your strategic goals and productivity targets.

Additional PCL Service Products

Spare Parts

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Our Expertise

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Access & Support

Our objectives are to enable you to get the most from your capabilities by sharing our expertise in pressure casting and automation.

Additional services include the below.

Machine Upgrades

Enhance the speed, flexibility, and sustainability, of your machine by boosting performance and enjoying more opportunities available to you than ever before.


There is a wide range of options including automatic demoulding and IMSC upgrade.

Replacement isn’t always the only option. Bring your existing systems into the future.

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Equip your team with the essential knowledge needed to ensure your systems stand the test of time. Ranging from Classroom, on-site, and online, PCL will provide you and your staff training tailored to your operation with certificates awarded upon completion.


– Slip Materials

Optimise your casting process by improving your slip further. 

The idea of producing defect-free, fully dense ceramic pieces in the most different varieties and complexities of shape fast compared to other forming methodologies has instigated the advanced ceramic industries to invest in this technology.

Our R&D service on slip materials will ensure you are suitably equipped for this investment.


Engineering Service Labour

Utilise the experience of our engineering specialists. From pressure casting, automation, and process engineers to software technicians, you can rest assured that PCL has the reliable and professional help you need.

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Spare Parts

Benefit from PCL’s rapid response team when ordering replacement spare parts.

We know that after time perishable parts need to be replaced. We also know how vital reducing downtime is for our customers. We make purchasing replacement parts a fast, simple, and easy process for our customers.

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Remote Access & Support

Strengthen your operation with PCL’s dedicated support team helping you by remotely identifying issues and creating solutions helping you to optimise your operation and minimise your downtime.

Our remote access ability gives us the freedom to connect to your casting system 24/7.

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Mould Design Advisory

Maximise your new product development process by using our specialist team to analyse your traditional casting moulds for conversion to high-pressure casting. Over 30 years of experience has allowed us to find and provide solutions for complex casting requirements.

We can also recommend shrinkage requirements, model counter distortions and PCL Mould materials that would provide the best casting results.


Our commitment to Sustainability

PCL is responsible for positive change, including sustainability for the company, for our community and our ecosystem.


We work closely with our customers to provide circular economy and other sustainable solutions and help produce greener alternatives to everyday processes.

PCL Trusted partners

Access to Trusted Partners

We can introduce you to a range of partners to provide you with more benefits.

Utilise our contacts to work towards a fully integrated service package for the technical and traditional ceramic sectors.

Provide an end-to-end solution for ceramics manufacturers and the supply chain worldwide.


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