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Let us provide you with the necessary tools to succeed.

PCL Service gives you and your business support from casting small technical ceramic components to large sanitaryware items. We also offer a dedicated service package guaranteed to supply you with all the tools, training, knowledge and support needed to accomplish your goals.

As pioneers within the industry, PCL Service can include:
Man in labcoat developing moulds

Flow dynamics, slip formulation and mould diagnostics

We will review your initial product designs and assist in preparing them for pressure casting.


We will test your slip and advise on improved suitability and performance 

PCL Service consultation

Product casting process optimisation, 

automation and integration

We can advise and assist ​you in the following: 

  • Drying

  • Casting

  • Glazing

  • Automation

  • Firing

  • Slip formulations and processing

PCL LabCast

Rapid prototyping and piece development

LabCast portable slip testing system​

CNC Machined moulds​

Mould material formulation and performance optimisation​

Portable Casting system for on-site testing, approval and development​

PCL Machine information

Spares, upgrades, and continued maintenance

Every machine comes with recommended spares


The operation and maintenance manual includes a comprehensive suite of helpful information


All machines and equipment are CE certified 

PCL Service engineer visit

Installation and commissioning

Engineer(s) to supervise the installation and commissioning of your PCL casting machine provided 

All relevant maintenance and casting training programs offered

Full support on initial casting trials and integration of the system

Further assistance available upon request

PCL Service training

Certified training and


Hands-on training for all levels including several classroom-based training courses provided at your site

Certificates awarded upon completion of training

Revisits and more specific training can be facilitated with our industry partners

PCL Service remote access

Remote access and support 

This includes black box technology and industry 4.0


Our worldwide customer support team aims to respond to enquiries within 12 hours


Our remote access ability gives us the freedom to connect to your casting system 24/7


We are in the process of applying industry 4.0 for technologies to all our casting systems

PCL Trusted partners

Trusted partners to help prepare for the future

We can introduce you to a range of partners to provide you with more benefits 


Utilise our contacts to work towards a fully integrated service package for the technical and traditional ceramic sectors


Provide an end-to-end solution for ceramics manufacturers and the supply chain worldwide 


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