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PCL provides a range of mould technologies, innovation, and high-pressure casting systems to the tableware industry worldwide.

PCL can offer a complete high-pressure casting solution for tableware customers


Tableware manufacturers have traditionally used plaster moulds and a variety of forming processes to manufacture their full ranges of tableware.


With the introduction of high-pressure casting using porous resin moulds, more and more manufacturers are turning to new technologies to meet rising demand, and PCL is the only company able to offer a full range of new resin casting processes.


Our products have been designed to suit both pressure casting and ram pressing, and are guaranteed to offer you:


  • Increased quality

  • Increased productivity

  • Reduced inventory

  • Reduced costs

Pressure casting technology

The EcoFlex has been designed as a solution for an economical high-pressure casting system for tableware and technical ceramics.

The design of the system allows it to produce products fast and accurately, whilst keeping energy levels and noise pollution down.

The innovative mould station design allows for rapid mould change within minutes.

The EcoFlex boasts very low energy consumption which is 50% - 25% lower than its competitors (ex: up to 180 tonnes – 5.5kw!).


It is also a conveniently quiet system with less than 85db when in full operation.

Industry-leading resin moulds

PCL has been serving the tableware industry for over a quarter of a century

PCL has manufactured an unprecedented number of single and multi-cavity pressure casting moulds during the last three decades to produce the full range of solid and drain-cast products for a range of ceramics industries.

PCL moulds have a proprietary internal air distribution matrix incorporated into the structure of the mould material. This avoids the use of backplates. The avoidance of backplates allows more moulds to be fitted onto one machine, providing a significant increase in productivity.​

All moulds are test cast at PCL prior to shipment. Mould development programs are carried out on new products prior to general mould manufacture.

Tableware mould material

PCL Ceramics has been producing pressure casting mould materials for the production of casting resin moulds to industry-leading businesses since 1989, providing materials for a range of industry sectors.

The micro porous resin materials' excellent performance and long casting life offer an economical solution to in-house mould manufacture when compared with cheaper low-quality options. 


Our resin mould material can provide a range of strengths, finishes and pore sizes, ensuring that your finished product is exactly as required.


We work with each of our individual customers to provide materials unique to their needs, giving them continuing on-site assistance with mould production and machine set-up.

Mould making technology transfer

PCL’s mould-making solution includes:


  • Technology transfer

  • Training

  • Equipment

  • Support

  • Services

This complete solution empowers you to develop and produce your own moulds to PCL’s world-famous standard of quality.

PCL will work with you to plan, develop, and launch a complete mould-making facility tailored to your demands.

Ram Press

The synthetic resin ram press moulds made by PCL are a direct replacement for plaster moulds previously used across the industry.


Our ram press moulds provide the following features and benefits to your production process:


  • Wear and cracking resistance – Ceramic articles produced in PCL resin moulds provide a higher surface quality, reducing the need for sponging and finishing

  • Bespoke mould construction – Moulds can be produced to fit your existing machinery, reducing costs and maintenance needs

  • Air system designs – PCL’s innovative internal air system provides release air where needed, making demoulding easier and providing a better finish

  • Long service life – Our resin moulds have expected lifespans of between 8,000 and 15,000 fills. The longevity of our moulds reduces costs and downtime in your processes whilst also reducing your mould inventory

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