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PCL Ceramics Ltd established in 1991, is one of the market leaders in developing resin moulds, materials, handling equipment and high-pressure casting technology for the general and technical ceramics industry worldwide.


PCL continues to expand its profile with exciting and innovative new materials, the introduction of PCL service and advanced dynamic casting systems whilst continuously improving their current and exciting product range. 


From conception to completion, the commitment to innovation is fully supported by their experienced staff and partners who provide a wide range of customer support and advice on all aspects of high-pressure casting, associated materials and equipment. 


PCL - Pioneers in Manufacturing Excellence.

Our journey so far

Leading innovation

PCL takes pride in being the team that makes high-pressure casting work where it has not been done before. They have embraced new technology and are developing full automation for all casting machines.

PCL provides machines to the industry that can be upgraded rather than replaced. Upgrades such as automation to help protect from future business interruption and dependencies on staff are just one way that we are dominating the ceramics market.

PCL also encourage more environmentally friendly operations. Their specialist moulds will use less power, less water, and produce less waste.

It is a very exciting time in the ceramics industry, and PCL are ensuring that they outplay the competition and remain one of the leading players by offering innovative products, outstanding service, and worldwide production.

Meet the Team

Cyril Journoux

Managing Director

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Martin Greene

Sales Director

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Nick Riddington

Engineering Director

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Graham Veal

PCL Service Director

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Louise Edwards

Customer Support Officer

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Alex Spain

Head of Marketing

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Some of our work
PCL are part of the KL Technologies family

KL Technologies is the holding company of a group with operations based around the world. Based in the United Kingdom but with offices in China, Hong Kong, Russia and the United States.


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PCL Ceramics is a technology leader in high-pressure casting equipment, quality assurance instruments, and porous materials for the sector.

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