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Mould Making - Techology Transfer

In the ceramics market with pressure on logistics and consideration of the environmental impact, we are seeing more customers looking to become more independent when it comes to acquiring moulds. For many countries, challenges due to logistics and customs can postpone your moulds delivery and result in the risk of production delays.


PCL can offer a solution to this problem and empower our customers to make their own moulds.


This is one of our commitments to the UN goals of reducing our environmental impact and supporting our customer’s skills development for noble jobs.


By having your own mould making facility, you no longer need to be concerned about delays with moulds and frames in customs, and you can enjoy being less dependent on suppliers' lead times in producing moulds for you.


PCL’s mould making package is designed to be bespoke for each customer’s specific requirements. We also ensure that once installed, customers can seamlessly grow their mould production with minimal amendments to the original facility.

Our standard mould making package

Technology transfer and training at PCL


PCL will carry out a training program in the United Kingdom for your staff to train how to manufacture moulds and produce frames using PCL’s specialist technology.

Mould design pack


PCL will support customers with Mould Design (including 3D modelling, 3D scanning, and Reverse Engineering) and Case Manufacturing (Including mould validation, manual case manufacturing, and CNC manufacturing). 


Initial case, mould, and frame


In addition to the above training and design packs, PCL will work with you to create your own initial mould and frame for high-pressure casting.



PCL will work with you to design a mould making facility that compliments both the space available and the production volume required.


We will work together to design space for everything you need and to create a production flow which means your mould making process be seamless and efficient.


Supervision of installation, commissioning


PCL engineers will visit your site, supervise and work with your staff or contractors on-site to accomplish the following tasks: 

- Supervising the installation of PCL equipment

- Inspection and approval of complete installation

- Commissioning of the PCL equipment

On-site training


Once your facility has been installed and commissioned, PCL will provide on-site training and assistance with the mould making process.


The purpose of on-site training would be to supervise the making of PCL-type moulds at this location, offer advice and ensure that you are getting consistent results and your staff are confident in the process. 

Working procedures


PCL will work with you to introduce the best working procedures are taken out to ensure your production is fast, safe and able to provide you with the tools required for continuous improvement and problem-solving. These include:


- Lean manufacturing

- Health and safety recommendations

- Storage solutions


Remote support


PCL will strengthen your operation and provide peace of mind with our dedicated support team helping you by remotely identifying issues and creating solutions for you to optimise your operation and minimise your downtime.

Material mixer


PCL offer the following mixer system as follows. 


The PCL mould material can be mixed in a standard PCL mixing system with a single paddle. There is no need for a vacuum system etc. as per some other resin mould materials. 


Mixing is done with an air-powered stainless-steel single mixing paddle. There is a simple raise / lower post with linear rail, carriages and arm with low-density polyethylene, easy clean 500L material reservoir. Pouring is a manually operated pneumatic raise/lower system with a bucket cradle. The cradle holds the bucket close to its centre of gravity enabling the bucket to be tipped and poured easily. It comprises the following. 


- An air-powered raise / lower system for lowering into the pot. 

- Air motor, 

- Impeller and shaft 

- Lifting frame with linear rail and carriages 

- Bucket cradle 

- Extraction head which can be manually positioned where required


Material supply


Our material has a proven track record within this sector, and with its excellent performance and long casting life it offers an economical solution to in-house mould manufacture when compared with cheaper low-quality choices. 


The high-quality resin that goes into our mould design also means that any wares produced have a finer, superior surface quality, and a lower chance of mould binding at the production stage.


As part of the standard mould making package, we will provide you with an initial supply of mould material. 

Optional extras available

Tools and scales

Mould parts


pressure plates / Airbags

Water wash system


Additional mould and frame design packs

Additional Tools

Time To Market Cell

LabCast Auto

Mould lifting / handling equipment

Milling machine

Effluent treatment

Mould repair kits

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