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Developments in Technology and Innovation
Our products are developed and tailored to meet
customer requirements.

PCL continues to develop and produce a range of innovative pressure casting systems. Machine configurations can be tailored to produce the optimum combination of flexibility, productivity, automation and price required by the customer.


Options ranging from simple manually demoulded systems to fully automated robotic systems with minimal labour requirements can be provided.

PCL Machine Information
PCL Machine plaque

Close integration between moulds and machinery is critical to the success of any casting system. Our customers realise the benefits of PCL's systems immediately from the time of initial installation.


PCL's in-house design department operates with state of the art design systems to develop and produce superior casting systems to suit your current and future needs.

Our proven technology is guaranteed to provide high-performance solutions for all 

high-pressure casting needs

PCL has developed a full range of casting and handling systems suitable for producing all types of standard and technical ceramics.

We pride ourselves on our innovation and customer support services.

Our UK-based manufacturing facility uses pioneering design and development methods to ensure the highest quality solutions at competitive prices.

Our factory is powered entirely by green energy making use of our own solar farm and wind turbine.

Call us today on +44 (0) 1553 622000 or to find out more about how our pressure casting solutions can help you to meet your needs.

Our recent developments
Technology developments and innovation

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