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PCL Service ready to dominate the ceramics league.

Updated: Feb 21, 2022

PCL Service is a new and game-changing service-based product designed to provide bespoke aftersales solutions helping customers achieve a sustainable future.

As PCL Ceramics are the premier league of the ceramics industry, it only makes sense that they would be at the forefront of innovation and ground-breaking services to the sector.

Alex Spain, and Mat Fielding, are the team captains in the PCL Service operation, providing all the sales information, advice, and technical support needed to seal your victory.

With different tiers to choose from, customers can subscribe to PCL Service annually and benefit from a range of services, support, and discounts.

Other services available through PCL Service include sustainability, ordering spare parts, a wide range of upgrade options, arranging bespoke training, dedicated remote access and support, and additional labour.

Alex Spain, Commercial Manager for PCL Service said, “Sustainability is the future of the ceramics industry, and PCL Service is the solution our customers need to achieve that. Our subscription service keeps you ahead of your competition and ensures that moulds, machines, and systems remain fully optimised, and, if there are any issues along the way, our dedicated support team are on hand to help minimise any potential downtime. A service-based product like this is completely new to the ceramics industry and customers will be pleasantly surprised to see just how many ways they benefit from a PCL Service package. We invite customers to join us in the future of ceramic manufacturing solutions”

Mat Fielding, Engineering Support Manager at PCL will be leading the new and improved support platform for customers giving them a dedicated system designed to remotely identify issues and create solutions that not only solve challenges but also optimise operations for customers.

When asked about the launch of the support platform element of PCL Service, Mat said: “It is an exciting time for the ceramic industry as we progress into the era of Industry 4.0, and with it comes great opportunities for all ceramic manufacturing companies, as we unlock the door to preventative data-driven maintenance and support in high-pressure casting. Over the past decades, numerous industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and FMCG have reaped the benefits of a proactive and preventative mindset when caring for their assets, using the latest technologies to measure the true health of their machines and prevent issues before they happen. PCL Service is proud to be at the forefront of this evolution for the Ceramic industry, and we look forward to deploying the latest technologies and methodologies, as we lead this journey together with our partners in ceramic manufacturing.”

PCL Service is now officially live and promises to be something you should not miss out on!

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