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See PCL products as you have never seen them before!
We are proud to announce that our game-changing virtual exhibition is open to all customers

Our virtual exhibition is available 24/7.

As pioneers, PCL is the first company in the ceramics manufacturing industry to be able to showcase its products in a 3D environment.

We invite you to explore our products like never before and see just how impressive they are.


View in 3D, or in VR. The choice is yours!

There are so many ways that you can explore our virtual exhibition.

We invite customers to explore our software using their choice of a computer, laptop, mobile phone, Oculus, or even VR goggles that you can attach your mobile phone to.

Seeing our platform in this game-changing VR environment will show you how innovative our products are and will give you the opportunity to explore each machine in a completely immersive way.

This will really help you envision our technology at your factory and highlight to you the benefit of investing in a PCL high-pressure casting system.


Book a meeting


Whilst you are exploring the innovative PCL virtual exhibition and learning more about what products would suit your business, there is a button to “book a meeting” that you are able to use at any time during your visit.

So if you see anything that you want further information on, or if you are looking for a proposal of our machines or moulds, starting the conversation is as simple as the click of a button on our virtual exhibition platform.

Our virtual exhibition is Metaverse ready

We all know that the future of social technology lives within the metaverse. In the next 10 years, it will be at the forefront of all online activity. This is why our virtual exhibition is Metaverse ready.

For Oculus, or other VR technology users, you can access our Virtual Exhibition platform in your VR world to see the range of products and services we offer in ways you never thought possible.

This is just the beginning of our virtual experience for customers. We are excited with the possibilities this has given us, and we are already exploring the next step in development which will give our customers even more freedom to browse and provide an even better user experience that will further highlight why PCL are the leaders in our field.

To gain entry to our industry-first 3D exhibition platform, contact us using the below button.

PCL Ceramics

Estuary Road
King's Lynn
PE30 2HS
United Kingdom

+44 (0) 1553 622000

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