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PCB Pressure Casting Machine
PCL PCB header Image
This PCB bowl machine offers an economic pressure casting system for WC bowls


A novel mould design allows up to eight bowl moulds to be mounted onto a single machine. This ensures that all of the benefits of pressure casting are applied giving an economical solution to high volume bowl production whilst still providing sufficient flexibility for low volume products.

Benefits of the PCB WC Bowl Machine
  • Delivers significant capital cost savings per piece produced compared to other pressure cast bowl systems

  • Can produce over 500 pieces per day with a single operator per shift

  • Allows multiple styles to be produced on the same machine

  • Utilises our proven resin mould technology and construction technique

  • Can produce a wide range of styles, including rimless bowls, stick-on-rim, back-to-wall, and other complex bowl designs.

  • The PCB is supplied as a complete prefabricated unit with mould support and alignment system, hydraulic ram and power pack, heated slip supply, chemical injection systems, control unit and robotic demoulding system

Typical casting outputs for PCB

Open rim.

159,600 pieces per year, eight pieces per cycle

Stick on rim & Rimless bowl.

106.400 pieces per year, six pieces per cycle

Back to wall style.

159,600 pieces per year, eight pieces per cycle

See the PCB machine in action
for the configuration and output info of our systems
Our high-pressure casting machines


Our two-part mould casting machine range produces a full range of sanitaryware pieces. The PC570 and PC120 multi mould overhead beam systems can cast items in both vitreous and fine fireclay ranging from small wash basins to large shower trays.


PCL has several bowl machines capable of producing the full range of WC bowls. Our PCB multi mould system offers the capability of producing 8 bowls in one cycle. Our revolutionary RotoBowl is a modular system and can produce both open and stuck on rim bowls on the same cell.


PCL can supply a number of machine upgrades to our casting systems to increase their flexibility and further improve productivity and ease of use.


In addition to our standard range of machines PCL can design and build a machine to suit your specific casting requirements to an agreed specification.

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