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See PCL Products as you have never seen them before!!

PCL are proud to announce that their Virtual Exhibition is now open to all customers.

As pioneers, PCL is the first company in the ceramics manufacturing industry to be able to showcase its products in a 3D environment.

We invite customers to explore our software using either a computer, laptop, mobile phone, Oculus, or even VR goggles that you can attach your mobile phone to.

You will be able to learn about PCL Service, explore our technology and innovation, play our demoulding challenge, and surround yourself with PCL's famous high-pressure casting systems from the Modules casting machine, to the PCB.

Seeing our platform in this game-changing VR environment will show you how innovative our products are and will give you the opportunity to explore each machine in a completely immersive way. This will really help you envision our technology at your factory and highlight to you the benefit of investing in a PCL high-pressure casting system.

To gain entry to our industry first 3D exhibition platform, contact us at and we will be happy to help you.

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