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PCL launches new and economical platform for Tableware and Technical Ceramics

Updated: Feb 17, 2023

Introducing the EcoFlex.

True to their name as the pioneers in the ceramics industry, PCL continues to push boundaries, be at the forefront of innovation and launch ground-breaking products.

The EcoFlex is a platform for flexibility within the production of tableware, cookware and technical ceramics. Making it one of the most innovative systems on the market today.

“This project has given us the ability to rethink the production process of our tableware products.

The basic concept brought to us was designed to act as a solution for the issues of maintenance that occur with the designs of typical industry standard pressure casting machines. The system has resulted in a scalable process that solves the issues whilst at the same time reducing the need for human interaction with the finishing of the product.

The innovative design and approach was innovative for pressure casting development projects, and the finished unit was a truly impressive piece of engineering design.”

Mark Dudson

Former Group Technical and Engineering Director (Dudson Holdings Ltd)

The EcoFlex has been designed as a solution for an economical high-pressure casting system for tableware and technical ceramics.

The design of the system allows it to produce products fast and accurately, whilst keeping energy levels and noise pollution down.

The innovative mould station design allows for rapid mould change within minutes.

This is another product PCL is releasing into the tableware industry to accompany their innovative mould material that customers have been benefiting from for over a quarter of a century.

Solutions like the above are why PCL is known around the globe as an industry pioneer and leader in high-pressure casting innovation.

Economical, user-friendly, and future proof

The EcoFlex boasts very low energy consumption which is 50% - 25% lower than its competitors (ex: up to 180 tonnes – 5.5kw!). It is also a conveniently quiet system with less than 85db when in full operation.

Like all of PCL’s modern technology, this system is also Industry 4 ready, allowing customers to upgrade to a state-of-the-art live dashboard allowing 24/7 machine monitoring and diagnosis from anywhere around the globe.

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