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Machine Dashboards
State-of-the-art machine monitoring technology

PCL has developed a state-of-the-art machine monitoring dashboard, bringing your operation into Industry 4.0.


Our user-friendly software allows you to explore a range of perimeters attached to productivity, yield, and maintenance.


  • View & download data at the control panel via a user-friendly touchscreen application 

  • Monitor machine status & data from anywhere in the world from your phone, computer, or tablet 

  • Monitor and log energy consumption data

  • Log production data

  • Includes Remote Access Function, enabling PCL Service technicians to provide technical support on request 


PCL Ceramics Industry 4.0 dashboards allow multiple machines, on multiple sites to be compared, from any location. Connection to the machine and data warehouse is secure and utilises established Industry 4.0 providers.


The PCL Dashboards can be offered as a bespoke system, configured to provide data specifically dedicated for each customer’s needs. Whatever your request, our system platform has the potential to accommodate all data collection and monitoring requirements. 

Range of data that can be produced 
Extracting the data

You can easily separate the data by date and time to investigate queries. You can also download this data with the click of a button and keep a hard copy on a spreadsheet for easy comparison.


Having access to monitor your operation remotely from anywhere in the world will give you peace of mind, especially over several sites, and being able to download and compare data will empower you to be more responsive and focus more on continuous improvement.

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