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PCL supports the ‘Right to Repair’ law.

In many tech industries, the current economy had been designed to provide top of the range products that are not built to last and are replaced by an updated model continuously making customer need to continuously purchase new versions of the same product.

This may be of a huge benefit to the companies due to continuous sales, however, for the customer is it fair to provide a product that will need to be replaced within the next few years? I think not!

For companies to continue being successful, the customer should always be at the heart of the product, and this continual consumption cycle does not reflect the customers best interests.

As pioneers in our industry, PCL are committed to being the company that promotes positive change and offers customers a practical solution to the ‘waste-based economy’.

· For our machinery

All of PCL’s machines are fully upgradable to encourage customers to acquire the most up to date technology for much less money and keep their original models. Anything from introducing automation, increasing casting capacity, and upgrading to Industry 4.0 can be achievable without having to replace what our customer already has.

We know that eventually, technology can fail us, and things break. That is why upon purchase of a PCL system, a list of spare parts is provided to encourage the customer to repair any issues. As part of PCL Service, spare parts can be ordered and received swiftly to minimise any downtime and ensure our systems are sustainable.

· For our specialist moulds

All moulds purchased from PCL have a guarantee relating to number of successful casts (Most being guaranteed for over 20k casts).

PCL are also the worlds first at providing customers with a specialist porous Mould Repair Kit, which has been designed to promote repairing over replacing and will fix dents, scratches, holes, and even some cracks to ensure extension of life.

At PCL, we believe all products should be easy to repair and stand the test of time.

Being Pioneers in Manufacturing Excellence and Sustainability means that we must lead the way for change. Our mission is to provide our customers with the best products available in the market, and ensure our products are aligned with our ‘zero waste’ goal, which we are positively working towards.

We hope to inspire others to change and are happy to work with our customers to help with their operations and ensure that as an industry, we are making the world a better place.


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