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PCL Launch Revolutionary Porous Resin Mould Repair Kit

Don't throw away your damaged moulds. Repair them with PCL's brand new porous mould repair material.

The last thing anyone wants is to slightly damage a mould and experience significant downtime in casting as a result.

Fixes dents, scratches, holes, and even some cracks, PCL's specialist resin mould repair kit is designed to ensure that your moulds stand the test of time.

This easy to use repair kit gives a fully porous repair, and unlike other repair materials, it can be used on the casting surface, and in most cases can be applied whilst still on your machine.

Provided in a two-part kit, simply pour the parts together, stir well, and then apply to the damaged area for a firm and reliable fix.

By repairing your moulds with PCL's porous resin repair kit, your downtime is reduced from several hours, to an average of just 30 minutes!

Contact us today on +44 (0) 1553 622000 for more information about our innovative Porous Mould Repair Kit or any other PCL product and service.

PCL Ceramics Ltd are pioneers in manufacturing excellence and sustainability.

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