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Introducing the Flow Test Meter

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Regularly test your moulds to keep a record of health, and monitor flow rate for a detailed record of mould permeability.

It's important to regularly test moulds and keep a record of their health over time.

To achieve this, PCL has created the Flow Meter.

What the Flow Meter does is test off the casting machine by feeding air through a mould in a set sequence of pressures and times. It then records the flow rate of the air through the mould for the duration of the test.

All the data is stored in the device and can be copied to a memory stick and/or connected to a factory network for storage on the factory network system.

The air flow system comprises of a water separator, sub micron filter, proportional regulator and flow meter. The system is portable and simply requires a 110v electrical connection and an air supply.

It will run pre-set test programs and/or independently configured programs. These programs control the pressure of air passing through a mould release air system.

As the air flows through the mould, the system logs the flow. Each test is saved as a separate CSV file which has all the test data and logged pressure and flow values. These can then be viewed and assessed using an Excel spreadsheet

The average values for the flows at different pressures are also stored in a separate file enabling easy comparison of mould performance.


For more information about this new and exciting testing product, contact us on

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