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Another 2 Part High Pressure Casting Machine heads to Asia

We are so pleased to report that the PC Lite machine package deal has been such a success for PCL in 2019. November 2019 sees another PC Lite 2 Part high pressure casting machine and mould set head to Asia.

PC Lite Package Deal

The PCLite is PCL’s more cost effective alternative to the PC570 for casting more standard 2 part moulds.  The new PCLite is an economical version of the PC570, suitable for the mass production of Sanitaryware products of similar styles.  This new casting system incorporates over 25 years of casting experience and mould technology and uses the same high quality moulds as the PC570 making them fully interchangeable.  It is suitable for casting vitreous or fine fireclay slip.

Built in the UK, the entire PCLite machine has been designed around simplification, cost savings and energy efficiency with a total connected power requirement of less the 10Kw. This machine has a fully automatic casting cycle and generally operates on a cycle time of 20 to 25 minutes.  The PCLite can produce over 1,000 tanks, 1,000 lavatory basins or 2,600 covers in only 24-hours with just a single operator per shift to demould and finish the pieces ready for drying.  The PCLite can also be used to manufacture a wide range of products, including, pedestals, urinals, pans and other 2 part moulds. 

The standard machine has a nominal 5-metre active beam length on which up to 16 single or multi cavity 2 part moulds can be hung.  Demoulding pieces from the PCLite can either be manual or manually assisted. 

A full range of demoulding systems and conveyors are also available from PCL and can be supplied as part of a system package.

Utilities and Consumption Data

The power, water and air consumptions are very economical and are typically;

·         350Lt water tank; average usage of 250 to 350Lts per day for mould washing

·         Voltage and frequency to suit your available supply

·         Electrical consumption excluding slip tank; 0.6kWh

·         Electrical consumption of slip tank 4.5kWh, subject to supplied slip temperature (9kW capacity)

·         Air 12bar, 175psi; Average usage of 8 to 12m3 per hour

·         No vacuum required

·         Only 1 mould wash cycle per 24hrs.

Cycle Time         Piece                                                          Moulds      Cavities  Pieces p/a          

25m                    Large Lavatory Basins and Squats              10                  1        191,520

25m                    Small Lavatory Basins and Pedestals         10                 2         383,040

25m                   Covers (drain cast)                                         16                 3         919,295

20m                   Tanks (solid cast)                                            8                 2         383,040

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