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Gold Support
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PCL Service Gold is our most complete service and support package. It is an industry game-changer all about working with customers and building strong relationships that last a lifetime.

At PCL Service, we work with our customers and build a strong relationships with them. PCL Gold takes that a lot further!


We help you develop new production lines, innovate new products, and provide advice on moulds technology, materials for mould development, pressure casting machine sustainability solutions, and slip productivity. 

As a PCL Service Gold customer, your service and support will be second to none. We are confident that with PCL Service Gold, you will be experiencing a level of assistance and guidance that cannot be matched by any of our competitors.


Let us help you give your business the edge over your competition and enable you to not only dominate your production but also evolve and grow.

PCL Service Gold comes with the following services
On-Site Machine & Moulds Service

Enjoy our comprehensive machine and mould health check at a time of your choosing throughout the year. Do you have a shutdown? Why not service your machine during that time?

The success of your system is important to us, so as part of your Gold support, we will carry out a visual check of all the machines for any water, air and slip leaks, replace filter elements on the air, water and hydraulic systems, remove and clean the slip filter, check all system pressures and evaluate casting system settings allied with casting performance data.  

We also carry out checks on the lubrication system, this includes the slip tank gearbox, robot rail, linear rail and carriages. If needed extra 

Moulds will be visually inspected for damage, leaks and the stops will be inspected and adjusted where necessary. We will also check the mould alignment and adjust where necessary and assess any mould maintenance procedures being used to ensure they are adequate.

Upon completion, a report will be sent to you for your records.
Priority Remote Access and Support

PCL's remote access and support service strengthen your operation.

As a valued customer, you will have a dedicated contact to help you remotely identify issues, create solutions, and advise on future improvements to ensure your downtime is minimised.

You have peace of mind that our remote access ability gives us the freedom to connect to your casting system 24/7.*

2 Slip Analysis Services


Reduce your cycle times and improve yields by optimising your slip for pressure casting.


Many more sizes and shapes can be cast compared to standard ceramic forming methods, and often in a shorter production time.


Our R&D service on slip materials will ensure you are suitably equipped to maximise the benefit of your investment.

Recommended Spare Parts Included


Minimise your operational downtime by benefitting from having a collection of recommended spares for your machine with you at your plant.

Having your spare parts with you takes away the delay caused by ordering replacements and waiting for their arrival.

40 Mould Repair Kits


The last thing anyone wants is to slightly damage a mould and experience significant downtime in casting as a result.
Provided in a two-part kit, simply pour the parts together, stir well, and then apply to the damaged area for a firm and reliable fix.
By repairing your moulds with PCL's porous resin repair kit, your downtime is reduced from several hours to an average of just 30 minutes!

10% discount on spare part orders


As well as a stock of recommended spare parts, you can save money every time you order additional replacement parts with PCL

Online Portal

Our customer portal includes a range of useful resources, including your machine information, valuable documents, and a number of best practice modules available to you on our training portal.

These include:

Operator Training
Machine and mould maintenance
Mould care and repair
Mould installation

Priority on Mould Replacement Orders


Jump the queue for mould orders and experience an improved lead time.


Feel like a gold customer with being priority on any mould orders.

On-Site Support

We will visit you on-site to provide support and training if needed. 

Rest assured that with PCL Service, we will be there to provide advice and guidance for any situation.

Create your own PCL Service

Using PCL Service Bronze as a baseline service package, you are able to create your own bespoke product by selecting the services you require and not having to pay for what you don't need.


PCL give you the control to create a product tailored to your specific needs.


Additional PCL Service products

Machine Upgrades


Mould / Piece Design Advisory


Machine Parts Ordering


On-Site Engineering Support


Bespoke Training

Find out more about PCL Service support packages

PCL Service

+44 (0) 1553 622000
Estuary Road
King's Lynn
PE30 2HS
United Kingdom

*For some existing machines, installing a monitoring device may be required at an additional cost.

** Discounted mould orders do NOT include frames, however, existing frames can be reusable.

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