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Mould and Material development
PCL Mould development image
PCL are at the forefront of innovation

PCL always strive to be at the forefront of innovation. We take research and development very seriously to ensure our products and services are focusing on the customers’ needs and ahead of our competitors.

PCL has over 30 years of experience producing moulds and materials for a range of industries worldwide.


PCL was originally established as a producer of porous resin moulds before later expanding the business into a range of areas such as high-pressure casting machinery, designing and much more.

Below are just a few products we use and offer to clients to help innovate new mould technology and keep existing materials constantly sustainable. 

Mould life and flow rate monitoring 

Introducing the Flow Test Meter

The Flow Meter feeds air through your mould in a set sequence of pressures and times. It then records the flow rate of the air through the mould for the duration of the test.

All the data is stored in the device and can be copied to a memory stick or connected to a factory network for storage on your system.

It will run pre-set test programs or independently configured programs. These programs control the pressure of air passing through a mould release air system.

The average values for the flows at different pressures can be stored in a number of different ways enabling easy comparison of mould performance. 

PCL FLow Meter
Our innovative Mould Repair Kit

The last thing anyone wants is to slightly damage a mould and experience significant downtime in casting as a result.


To fix dents, scratches, holes, and even some cracks, PCL's specialist mould repair kit is designed to ensure that your moulds stand the test of time.


Provided in a two-part kit, simply pour the parts together, stir well, and then apply to the damaged area for a firm and reliable fix.

Safeguarding your legacy models
PCL Using Digital 3D image scanner

Making your moulds and models futureproof

With our specialist laser scanning equipment, we are able to create an exact digital 3D image of customers products such as case moulds or plaster models. These can be stored as point cloud images and/or surfaced to produce 3D CAD drawings.

The scanner records 300,00 points per second in a three-dimensional space, accurate to less than 0.1mm, to represent the scanned surface. This is hugely beneficial in the following way:

  • The equipment and software enable us to reverse engineer your products.

  • All data from your scans is saved to futureproof your products.

  • No more need to store large moulds or models. Replace your warehouse with a digital folder.

If you have legacy moulds and models stored in a warehouse, speak to PCL today about a 3D digital image to ensure your prototypes and designs have a digital backup.

Material prototyping and development

In industry, to improve your casting material, you need to know more than just the basic properties of your slip. By knowing in advance how your slip will react burning high-pressure casting is essential.

PCL LabCast

Introducing the LabCast


With the LabCast, you are able to test, develop and rapidly prototype products all with one simple to use machine.

The LabCast can help with your material development and prototyping in three main ways:

  • Speed

  • Efficiency

  • Flexibility

The sheer range of different tests that can be quickly performed with the LabCast

make it a must-have machine for every ceramics lab.

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