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Tender Package – Request for Proposal (RFP)

  1. Invitation to tender

Tender Name: Demolition & Construction Package

Tender No. PCL001

Location: King’s Lynn

Correspondence Language(s): English


Brief project summary:

PCL Ceramics require the demolition of all existing internal walls/partitions, with the disconnection of all current electrical, water, steam and air supplies. Clearing all rubble/rubbish into skips (provided by contractor).

To make good the current flooring with self-levelling compound and lay new Altro flooring.

Re-locate electrical sockets (both 240v and 110v) and supply and install LED lighting (inclusive of emergency lighting) where specified.

Relocate sockets and reposition the fume cupboards.

Test all circuits, issuing certificate upon completion.

Supply and install new partition wall with FD30 rated fire door and MDF architrave, where specified.

Prepare walls and ceilings and decorate including all doors.

Supply and install new cupboard carcasses, cupboard doors and worktops, where specified.

Supply and install new sink and required plumbing.

Tender Package Available from: 13/05/2022

Tender Package Location: Contact - David Pooley 01553 622000 (Site Visit Required)

Deadline for Offer Submission: 24/05/2022

Submit Offers to:

PCL Ceramics Ltd reserves the right to accept or reject any late offers.

Questions & Answers: If any, Submit Questions in writing to:

Last Day for Questions: 20th May 2022

Questions will be answered by: 23rd May 2022

Questions will be answered through:  email (

Document Checklist

These documents are contained within this tender package   

   - Invitation Tender

   - General Conditions for Tender

   - Criteria and Submittals

  1. General Conditions for Tender

PCL Ceramics Ltd invites proposals for the goods, services and/or works described and summarised in these documents, and in accordance with the procedures, conditions and contract terms presented herein. PCL Ceramics Ltd reserves the right to vary the quantity of work/materials specified in the tender package without any changes in unit price or other terms and conditions and to accept or reject any, all, or part of submitted offers.

2.1. PCL Ceramics’ Anti-Bribery & Anti-Corruption Statement

PCL Ceramics strictly prohibits:

  • Any form of bribe or kickback in relation to its activities

This prohibition includes any request from any PCL Ceramics employee, consultant or agent for anything of value from any company or individual in exchange for the employee, consultant or agents taking or not taking any action related to the award of a contract or the contract once awarded. It also applies to any offer from any company or individual to provide anything of value to any PCL Ceramics employee, consultant or agent in exchange for that person taking or not taking any action related to the award of the contract or the contract.

  • Conflicts of interests in the awarding or management of contracts

If a company is owned by, whether directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, any PCL Ceramics employee or any person who is related to a PCL Ceramics employee, the company must ensure that it and the employee disclose the relationship as part of or prior to submitting the offer.


  • The sharing or obtaining of confidential information

PCL Ceramics prohibits its employees from sharing, and any offerors from obtaining, confidential information related to this solicitation, including information regarding PCL Ceramics’ price estimates, competing offerors or competing offers, etc. Any information provided to one offeror must be provided to all other offerors.


  • Collusion between/among offerors

PCL Ceramics requires fair and open competition for this solicitation. No two (or more) organisations submitting proposals can be owned or controlled by the same individual(s). Organisations submitting offers cannot share prices or other offer information or take any other action intended to pre-determine which company will win the solicitation and what price will be paid.


Violations of these prohibitions, along with all evidence of such violations, should be reported to:

PCL Ceramics will investigate allegations fully and will take appropriate action. Any company, or individual that participates in any of the above prohibited conduct, will have its actions reported to the appropriate authorities, will be investigated fully, will have its offer rejected and/or contract terminated, and will not be eligible for future contracts with PCL Ceramics. Employees participating in such conduct will have his/her employment terminated.  

2.2. Tender Basis


  • All offers shall be made in accordance with these instructions, and all documents requested should be furnished, including any required (but not limited to) supplier-specific information, technical specifications, drawings, bill of quantities, and/or delivery schedule. If any requested document is not furnished, a reason should be given for its omission in an exception sheet.

  • No respondent should add, omit or change any item, term or condition herein.

  • If suppliers have any additional requests and conditions, these shall be stipulated in an exception sheet.

  • Each offeror may make one response only.

  • Each offer shall be valid for the period of 90 days from its date of submission.

  • All offers should indicate whether they include taxes, including VAT, if applicable.

  • Suppliers should ensure that financial offers are devoid of calculation errors. If errors are identified during the evaluation process, the unit price will prevail. If there is ambiguity on the unit price, the Selection Committee may decide to disqualify the offer.

  • Any requests for clarifications regarding the project that are not addressed in written documents must be presented to PCL Ceramics in writing. The answer to any question raised in writing by any offeror will be issued to that offeror. In some cases PCL Ceramics may choose to issue clarifications to all offerors. It is a condition of this tender that no clarification shall be deemed to supersede, contradict, add to or detract from the conditions hereof, unless made in writing as an Addendum to Tender and signed by PCL Ceramics or its designated representative.

  • This Tender does not obligate PCL Ceramics to execute a contract nor does it commit PCL Ceramics to pay any costs incurred in the preparation and submission of proposals. Furthermore, PCL Ceramics reserves the right to reject any and all proposals, if such action is considered to be in the best interest of PCL Ceramics.

2.3. Supplier Eligibility

Supplier may not apply, and will be rejected as ineligible, if they:

  • Are not a registered organization

  • Are bankrupt or in the process of going bankrupt

  • Have been convicted of illegal/corrupt activities, and/or unprofessional conduct

  • Have been guilty of grave professional misconduct

  • Have not fulfilled obligations related to labour laws or tax obligations within the country they operate.

  • Are guilty of serious misinterpretation in supplying information

  • Are in violation of the policies outline in PCL Ceramics’ Anti Bribery or Anti Corruption Statement

2.4 Response documents

Offerors should submit their offer in their own format, as long as it covers all the points in the project summary.

2.5 Acceptance of Successful Response

Documentation submitted by offerors will be verified by PCL Ceramics. The winning offeror(s) will be required to sign a contract for the stated, agreed upon terms.


3. Criteria & Submittals

3.1 Specific Eligibility Criteria

Eligibility criteria must be met and the corresponding supporting documents listed below under “Tender Submittals” must be submitted with offers. Offerors who do not submit these documents may be disqualified from any further technical or financial evaluation.


Eligibility Criteria:

  • The offeror must be legally registered or incorporated in the United Kingdom

  • The offeror must be in good standing with the HMRC


Suppliers may not apply, and will be rejected as ineligible, if they:


  • Are bankrupt or in the process of going bankrupt

  • Have been convicted of illegal/corrupt activities, and/or unprofessional conduct

  • Have been guilty of grave professional misconduct

  • Have not fulfilled obligations related to labour laws and tax obligations within the United Kingdom

  • Are guilty of serious misinterpretation in supplying information

  • Are in violation of the policies outlined in PCL Ceramics Anti Bribery or Anti Corruption Statement


3.2 Tender Submittals


Documents and required information listed in tender submittals are necessary in order to support the eligibility criteria and to conduct technical evaluations of received offers (and due diligence). While absence of these documents and/or information does not denote mandatory disqualification of suppliers, the lack of these items has the potential to severely and negatively impact the technical evaluation of an offer.

Documents to conduct Cost Analysis:

  • Completed quotation/Price offer


The Quotation/Price Offer used to determine which offers represent the best value and serves as a basis of negotiation before award of a contract.


3.3 Currency


Offers should be submitted in: Sterling (£)

Payments will be made in: Sterling (£)

3.5 Tender Evaluation


Based on the above submittals, PCL Ceramics will conduct a tender evaluation process. PCL Ceramics reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals, and to accept the offer(s) deemed to be in the best interest of PCL Ceramics. PCL Ceramics will not be responsible for or pay any expenses or losses which may be incurred by any Offeror in the preparation of their tender.


3.5.1 Scoring Evaluation


Trade Off Method


PCL Ceramics will conduct technical evaluation which will grade technical criteria on a weighted basis (each criteria is given a percentage, all together equalling 100%). Offeror's proposals should consist of all required technical submittals so a PCL Ceramics can thoroughly evaluate the technical criteria listed herein and assign points based on the strength of a technical submission.


Award criteria shall be based on the proposal’s overall “value for money” (quality, cost, turnaround times, staffing capacity, etc.) while taking into consideration internal requirements and regulations.


Each individual criteria has been assigned a weighting prior to the release of this tender based on its importance to PCL Ceramics in this process.


Offeror(s) with the best score(s) will be accepted as the winning offeror(s), assuming the price is deemed fair and reasonable and subject to the additional due diligence in section 3.5.2.

When performing the Scoring Evaluation, the Mercy Corps tender committee will assign points for each criteria based on the following scale:


3.5.2 Additional Due Diligence


Upon completion of both the technical and pricing evaluations, PCL Ceramics may choose to engage in additional due diligence processes with a particular supplier or supplier(s). The purpose of these processes is to ensure that PCL Ceramics engages with reputable, ethical, responsible Suppliers with solid financials and the ability to fulfill the contract. Additional due diligence may take the form of the following processes (though it is not limited to):

  • Reference Checks

  • Analysis of financial statements (audited preferable)

  • Review of corporate employment policies

  • Review of corporate policies and procedures regarding confidentiality of documents submitted for translation


4. Offer Form


Offerors must submit their own independent offer in the form of a quotation, detailing the works as specified in the project summary.


The original proposal shall be signed by the offeror or a person or persons duly authorised to bind the offeror to the contract.

Financial offer pages of the proposal shall be initialed by the person or persons signing the proposal and stamped with the company seal. Any interlineations, erasures, or overwriting shall be valid only if they are initialed by the person or persons signing the proposal.

Registered in England No. 4925633.  Registered Office: Estuary Road, King’s Lynn, Norfolk PE30 2HS, United Kingdom

All offers and sales are subject to the Company’s Conditions of Sale.


PCL Service™ and PCL Materials™ are sub-brands of PCL Ceramics Limited

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