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Matrix machines
PCL Martix casting machine header
Introducing the unique casting systems with
total flexibility and rapid mould change

Customer demand for fully automated high-pressure casting system with almost zero labour and total flexibility has been recognised and now delivered by PCL. 

The new simple Matrix Casting system can be either a single or multiple independent high-pressure casting modules grouped into a fully automated robot loading, piece de-moulding and change over storage system. 

PCL Matrix demoulding

PCL has designed, developed, and installed several matrix casting systems that are currently in operation.

PCL Matrix casting machine demoulding

These systems are producing solid and hollow cast products including covers and washbasins in a variety of slip formulations. 


A matrix casting cell will independently cast a full range of different styles of product at the same time. Each module within the cell may be turned on or off to produce the required volume of products without effecting other modules within the cell. When integrated with a robotic handling system any excessive downtime and lengthy complex mould
replacement becomes a thing of the past.

We can supply a turnkey package including a fully integrated casting cell, robotic piece handling, slip and wash water supply, control systems and conveyors to suit.

With a simple reliable design with low cycle times, our Matrix high-pressure casting system provides an efficient alternative to current casting processes.

The Matrix unit comprises of independently cast moulds typically made up of the following items:


  • Mould casting modules

  • Service modules

  • Main service centre and workstation

  • Robotic demould/mould handling unit

  • Mould storage racking

  • Mould cleaning station

PCL Martix machine with mould
Matrix products and key features

PCL’s Matrix casting cells produce a range of ceramics products, including tanks, covers, basins, clay inserts for complex products and a range of two-part advanced technical ceramic items. Features include:


  • Factory space saving

  • Low-cost frameless mould options

  • Production plan programmable

  • Cast optimisation & minimum downtime software control 

  • Rapid automatic robot mould change (< 2mins)

  • RFID mould recognition with auto program parameter change

  • In cell auto mould cleaning and storage systems

  • Make to order system flexibility

  • Minimal labour requirements 

  • Rapid product prototyping & development

  • PCL microporous mould technology

  • IMSC (Individual Mould Station Control)

The Matrix cells

Our range of modular casting cells has been developed and designed to be simple and easy to operate only requiring minimal servicing and maintenance. In most cases, the moulds are frameless or have simple removable frames. These moulds can be changed in minutes. Matrix Casting can be supplied to a standard specification or designed to your specific requirements including variations to suit the following:


• Size of piece and number of mould cavities

• Casting environment and conditions

• Demoulding techniques and piece handling

• Integration into current casting process and facilities

• Slip formulation


Matrix Casting can be used independently or in conjunction with another casting system, i.e. for the casting of clay insets or bowl rims in the production of more complex bowls.


The Matrix design has since led to the development of more compact multi-module systems to produce a range of

two-part products over several industries worldwide.

Typical casting outputs for the Matrix casting cells
PCL Matrix casting output image
for the configuration and output info of our systems
Our high-pressure casting machines


Our two-part mould casting machine range produces a full range of sanitaryware pieces. The PC570 and PC120 multi mould overhead beam systems can cast items in both vitreous and fine fireclay ranging from small wash basins to large shower trays.


PCL has several bowl machines capable of producing the full range of WC bowls. Our PCB multi mould system offers the capability of producing 8 bowls in one cycle. Our revolutionary RotoBowl is a modular system and can produce both open and stuck on rim bowls on the same cell.


PCL can supply a number of machine upgrades to our casting systems to increase their flexibility and further improve productivity and ease of use.


In addition to our standard range of machines PCL can design and build a machine to suit your specific casting requirements to an agreed specification.

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