The LabCast Auto
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The LabCast, but with so much more flexibility

PCL always strive to be at the forefront of innovation. We invest heavily in research and development to ensure our products and services are focussed on the customers’ needs and ahead of our competitors.

With the roaring success of the original LabCast, PCL has developed this versatile benchtop system to give customers even more flexibility and control over the development and prototyping of their material. The LabCast Auto is the answer to faster slip testing, prototyping and fully automated material development.

By using the LabCast Auto to test your slip, you can rapidly and repeatedly accurately monitor, measure and adjust its properties for optimized casting results throughout its lifecycle.  You can ensure you have the correct material balance when developing and adding new ingredients or trialling new suppliers.

PCL LabCast casting example
We embrace new technology and have created a fully automated LabCast system for our customers

The LabCast Auto has all the great benefits of the original LabCast with the extra addition of:


  • A fully automatic casting cycle. Simply pick or set your preferred casting cycle.

  • Fill the reservoir with slip, place reservoir and mould into machine, close the doors, press the start button, and leave the machine to run the entire casting cycle for you

  • Easy to program casting cycles to suit individual casting requirements by using a touchscreen operator interface

  • Program configurations, which can be stored and recalled for future use

  • A configurable pressure control, including ramping up and ramping down of all casting and consolidation pressures

  • A Higher capacity slip reservoir for the casting of greater volume objects

  • An integrated mould treatment system

  • Cycle data which is automatically recorded for analysis

How the LabCast Auto is an essential tool for your operation

Quick results
Cast in as little as 10 – 20 minutes with minimal assistance.

Efficient system
It’s as easy as pressing the “Start” button. Let the LabCast Auto do all the work for you.

The LabCast physically cast your material at high-pressure replicating your actual pressure casting process. This is achieved this with the press of a button!

Enjoy a wide range of tests, including thickness, castability, cracking, drainage and many more. The system also:

  • Operates up to 15 BAR casting pressure

  • Offers a full range of control casting and consolidation pressures throughout the casting cycle

  • Produces both solid cast and hollow (drain) cast pieces

  • Comes with three different moulds. This includes a cone, and rod and a disk, however, for prototyping of products, additional solid or hollow-cast mould designs are available upon request

Our high-pressure casting machines


Our two-part mould casting machine range produces a full range of sanitaryware pieces. The PC570 and PC120 multi mould overhead beam systems can cast items in both vitreous and fine fireclay ranging from small wash basins to large shower trays.


PCL has several bowl machines capable of producing the full range of WC bowls. Our PCB multi mould system offers the capability of producing 8 bowls in one cycle. Our revolutionary RotoBowl is a modular system and can produce both open and stuck on rim bowls on the same cell.


PCL can supply a number of machine upgrades to our casting systems to increase their flexibility and further improve productivity and ease of use.


In addition to our standard range of machines PCL can design and build a machine to suit your specific casting requirements to an agreed specification.

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