Sanitaryware Moulds and Materials

Sanitaryware Moulds and Materials

PCL provides a range of mould technologies, casting systems and services to the sanitaryware industry worldwide. Our high pressure casting systems are in successful operation in five different continents producing all types of sanitaryware. Many major manufacturers have demonstrated their satisfaction by purchasing additional PCL systems following installation of their first machine.

The key to our success is the ability to combine a detailed understanding of mould technology, casting systems machinery design and ceramics process knowledge to achieve innovative solutions to customer’s casting problems.

Sanitaryware Moulds

PCL has the experience of manufacturing an unprecedented number of single and multi-cavity pressure casting moulds during the last two decades to produce the full range of solid and drain cast sanitaryware products including solid tanks, covers, basins, pedestals, pans, urinals, and a full range of three, four and five-part open and stuck on rim bowls.

Sanitaryware Mould Material

PCL Ceramics blends high quality mould material in house and supplies it as three separate components. These components are easily mixed with water to produce our mould making material. This material has a proven track record and with its superior performance and long casting life it will provide an economical solution to in house mould manufacture when compared to cheaper lower quality materials.

High Pressure Casting Machines

PCL Ceramics offers a full range of high pressure casting systems for the production of all two-part mould sanitaryware pieces and a full range of WC bowls including three, four and five-part open and stuck on rim bowls.

Tableware Moulds and Materials

Over the past two decades PCL has produced an unprecedented number of tableware moulds for the largest producers worldwide. Our proven quality and service is what makes us world leaders in this field.

Technical Ceramics

Pressure casting provides a number of benefits when casting new and complex ceramic bodies. Our expertise and investment into research and development projects help to push the boundaries of pressure casting technology into numerous fields of ceramics.

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