Sanitaryware Moulds

PCL has been manufacturing single and multi-cavity pressure casting moulds for over 20 years, which produce the full range of solid and drain cast sanitaryware. PCL resin moulds are chemically inert to water and retain their shape throughout their increased life, allowing sanitaryware manufacturers to enjoy a wide range of benefits including: high productivity, improved quality, reduced labour skill requirements, improved yield, space saving, reduced inventory and disposal costs and a simplified casting process.

All our moulds contain an integral air distribution system designed and developed by PCL. This ensures air is evenly distributed over the surface of the mould during the casting, demoulding and cleaning process. Each mould is produced in a reusable steel frame which reduces distortion at high pressures and simplifies mould fitting and alignment, reducing mould installation time.

Bowl Moulds

PCL manufactures a full range of three, four and five-part open and stuck on rim bowls. These are used in conjunction with our PCB5/70 and RotoBowl range of casting machines. We can manufacture bowls from plaster moulds, models, free issue block or case moulds and 3D product scans.

Our bowl mould design is compatible with all our bowl casting systems and the same mould can be cast on both our modular and beam casting system. When used in conjunction with our Slide mould system our RotoBowl cell can cast a full range of stuck on rim bowls.

Two-Part Moulds

Our range of two-part moulds are also manufactured in steel frames for the same reasons as above. These include tanks, covers, basins, pedestals, pans, urinals and shower trays and are cast on our PC5/70, PC120, RMS and Slide casting systems. We manufacture these moulds from free issue blocks, cases, plaster moulds and models. For each new mould design we carry out a full review and development program including piece approval. All our moulds are test cast prior to shipment.

In general our moulds are made from fine pore material, unless otherwise requested. This tightly controlled pore structure gives the following benefits; greatly improves product surface quality, reduces susceptibility to mould blinding and avoids the need for water flushing between casts.

High Pressure Casting Machines

PCL Ceramics offers a full range of high pressure casting systems for the production of all two-part mould sanitaryware pieces and a full range of WC bowls including three, four and five-part open and stuck on rim bowls.

Tableware Moulds and Materials

Over the past two decades, PCL has produced an unprecedented number of tableware moulds for the largest producers worldwide. Our proven quality and service is what makes us world leaders in this field.

Technical Ceramics

Pressure casting provides a number of benefits when casting new and complex ceramic bodies. Our expertise and investment into research and development projects help to push the boundaries of pressure casting technology into numerous fields of ceramics.

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