RMS Pressure Casting System

The RMS Pressure Casting System

The RMS machine has multiple casting cells and a revolutionary mould handling system capable of changing a mould in 10 minutes. This system was designed and manufactured for the production of solid and hollow cast tanks but can be easily adapted for the production of other types of pieces.

A robot is used to demould the pieces by removing the complete mould and frame from its casting module. Once the piece is demoulded the robot returns the empty mould to the casting module to continue casting, with each module operating independently.

Eight-Mould Casting Cell System

The standard casting unit comprises of the following items:

  • Four off-twin mould casting modules
  • Four off-local service modules
  • A main service centre
  • One main workstation
  • A robotic demould/mould handling unit

The moulds are manufactured in removable and reusable frames, which can be fitted on site by the client. Each mould casts independently, giving total flexibility.

One RMS 8 mould unit will cast 273,600 ppy.

Full details can be found on the configuration and output table.

Other Two-part Casting Machines


The PC5/70 is a battery pressure casting system capable of producing a full range of solid and hollow cast sanitaryware on a single machine. The standard machine has a nominal five-metre active beam length on which up to 16 single or multi cavity two-part moulds can be hung. Increased beam lengths can be supplied if required for increased output.


This casting machine has an overhead beam suitable for the casting of larger two-part moulds including shower trays and kitchen sinks. It has a closing force of 120 tonne and may incorporate an automatic mould opening and demoulding system.

Slide Unit

This simple modular casting system was developed by PCL in 2013. It is suitable for a range of products including wash basins and kitchen sinks. Single or multi-mould units are available with manual or automated demoulding subject to the size of pieces.


High Pressure Casting Machines


PCL have a number of bowl machines capable of producing the full range of WC bowls. Our PCB5/70 multi mould system offers the capability of producing eight bowls in one cycle. Our revolutionary RotoBowl system allows for the production of open rim or stuck on box rim bowls.


PCL can supply a number of upgrades to our systems to allow production of multiple styles of piece to be cast within the same cycle.


All PCL systems are made to order therefore are designed to suit every customers exact requirements from size to pieces which can be produced per cycle.

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