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Success!! New machine and new sector for PCL 2020

Introducing TechCast SP 15/40. 

A stand-alone unit for the high pressure/ very high pressure casting of ceramic pieces. TechCast SP has a 27.5 tonne maximum closing force with 15-40bar casting pressure.  The mould cavity area being external dimensions 450mm x 450mm with numerous single and multi-cavity moulds being widely proven and available.

TechCastSP is an ideal platform to undertake new project development and production manufacturing.

Ceramic Industries

Technical/ Industrial

Defence/ Aerospace




Slip Materials

VC / FFC Silica / Fused Silica


Zirconia / ZTA

Boron Carbide



Solid Cast

Impregnation / Over Cast

Drain / Hollow Cast


Compact low cost entry equipment

Simple Operation

Advanced Process Control Systems

Microporous Resin Formulations (Sub Micron +)

Resin strength and porosity chemically engineered

We offer slip testing programmes, test moulds and turnkey production units also, please contact us for more information on how PCL Ceramics can help you. 

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