PC570 Automated high-pressure casting system
Same great system, but now fully automated!

The PC570 Auto is a fully automated high-pressure casting system capable of producing a full range of solid and hollow cast products on a single machine.

Like the standard PC570, this machine has a nominal five-metre active beam length on which up to 16 single or multi-cavity two-part moulds can be hung. Increased beam lengths can be supplied if required for increased output.

With the addition of IMSC, this machine can automatically cast a full range of two-part moulds at the same time including:

  • Tanks

  • Covers

  • Pedestals

  • Basins

  • Squat pans

And many more

A fully automated system for pressure casting

As an Automated machine, the PC570 Auto also includes:

  • Auto mould opening

  • Automatic application of release air

  • Demoulding robot

  • Tooling

  • Guarding

  • Integrated conveyor system

  • Wareboard handling

Production levels from the PC570 casting system

The PC570 machine has been in operation worldwide for over 20 years casting tanks, covers, basins, pedestals, urinals and other two-part moulds.

The fully automatic casting cycle of between 20 to 25 minutes enables over 1000 tanks, 1000 lavatory basins or 2,600 tank covers to be produced per 24-hour day with a single operator.

The PC570 machine is supplied as a prefabricated unit including a heated slip tank to minimise the work required for site preparation and installation.

To start casting, the customer simply needs to mount the system on a concrete plinth and connect the relevant services. For ease of use, this machine is automatically demoulded.

When compared to the PCLite the key advantages of the PC570 casting system are as follows
  • IMSC, which allows a full range of solid and hollow cast products to be cast on the PC570 at the same time

  • Customer-specific HMI and PLC Control system

  • Optional upgrade; Extended beam length for increased casting capacity

  • Higher rated power pack with a quicker response time

  • Heavy-duty floor grid

  • Skid-mounted skid tank, washing and pump system

  • Slip/waste collection tray

  • Heated water tank

Our high-pressure casting machines


Our two-part mould casting machine range produces a full range of sanitaryware pieces. The PC570 and PC120 multi mould overhead beam systems can cast items in both vitreous and fine fireclay ranging from small wash basins to large shower trays.


PCL has several bowl machines capable of producing the full range of WC bowls. Our PCB multi mould system offers the capability of producing 8 bowls in one cycle. Our revolutionary RotoBowl is a modular system and can produce both open and stuck on rim bowls on the same cell.


PCL can supply a number of machine upgrades to our casting systems to increase their flexibility and further improve productivity and ease of use.


In addition to our standard range of machines PCL can design and build a machine to suit your specific casting requirements to an agreed specification.

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