Introducing the fast, efficient, and flexible way to develop
and test your prototype slip formulations
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The LabCast is the only test machine to physically cast material under high pressure.

In industry, to improve your casting material, you need to know much more than just the basic properties of your slip. By knowing in advance how your slip will actually react during the high-pressure environment is essential for the best results. With the LabCast, you are able to test, develop and rapidly prototype products all with one simple to use machine.


You can test, maintain quality, prototype, and develop within minutes.

Our patented and registered design can cast in as little as 10 to 20 minutes, meaning you can develop prototypes and perform a wide range of tests in record time.

The sheer range of different tests that can be performed makes this a must-have machine for every lab

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Because it's so simple to use and much more accurate than standard materials testing, you can simply roll the LabCast over to your machine and test your slip there and then.

This machine enables you to instantly test your slip at many times over its lifecycle and is an efficient way of ensuring balance when new ingredients are added.

The LabCast utilises our established MICROPOROUS resin mould technology. Our in-house design and manufacturing capabilities mean moulds can be specifically produced to match your design and specification, making it the perfect tool for rapid prototyping.

By testing how your slip reacts to the high-pressure environment, you will get more comprehensive results


Be 100% confident in your product and materials. The LabCast enables you to conduct a wide range of tests. These include thickness, castability, cracking, draining, and many more.

To help make the LabCast as flexible as possible, it can:

  1. Operate up to 15 BAR casting pressure

  2. Offer a full range of control casting and consolidation pressures throughout the casting cycle

  3. Produce both solid cast and hollow (drain) cast pieces

  4. Accommodate space for up to 100mm diameter mould cavity and 200mm depth

  5. Comes with three different moulds, which include a cone, rod, and a disk

PCL LabCast casting examples

For prototyping of specific products, additional solid or hollow-cast mould designs are available upon request

See for yourself how quick and easy the LabCast is to use
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