Moulds for High Pressure Casting Machines

PCL Ceramics provides a complete range of modelling, blocking and casing services in addition to manufacturing moulds at our UK-based facility. We have over two decades experience, manufacturing an unprecedented number of single and multi cavity moulds to produce the full range of solid and drain cast sanitaryware products.

As well as our full range of sanitaryware moulds PCL also has experience and expertise in manufacturing a full range of tableware moulds in both pressure cast and ram press.

Sanitaryware Moulds

PCL has the experience of manufacturing an unprecedented number of single and multi-cavity pressure casting moulds during the last decade to produce the full range of solid and drain cast sanitaryware products including solid tanks, covers, basins, pedestals, pans, urinals and a full range of three, four and five-part open and stuck on rim bowls.

Tableware Moulds

PCL has a wealth of experience in the manufacture of tableware moulds, supplying both ram press and pressure cast moulds to a number of the world’s largest tableware producers. Moulds can be produced for clients' existing frames, ensuring no adaptations need to be made to existing systems to accommodate our moulds.

With over 20 years experience in mould manufacture, PCL has the knowledge and adaptability to design any type of sanitaryware or tableware mould.

We customise the internal air supply of each mould, delivering release air where it is most needed.

PCL's moulds are designed to give extended mould lives as well as requiring minimal treatment between casts and storage.

Our in house CAD CAM systems allow us to rapidly scan, develop and modify designs or to take your existing CAD designs and convert them into resin moulds.

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